Welcome to Pylian Estates


From the ancient groves of Pylos where the dark blue waters of the Mediterranean meet the sunny shores of Greece, our family and ancestors have produced this pristine olive oil for thousands of years.

From Our Koroneiki Olives

Our trees bask in the long, sunny summer days where the ageless olive trees store the sun’s energy in their olives as oil. Every fall as our koroneiki olives ripen, we harvest and extract their oil without the use of heat or chemicals. This ensures that our oil retains all of the essential antioxidants, polyphenols and micronutrients that are the reason olive oil has nurtured the body and soul throughout humanity. Unadulterated and never blended, from tree to bottle our family personally ensures that what you receive is only olive oil in it’s purest form and flavor!

Acidity of .03%
Extra Virgin Olive Oil

First Cold Pressed, Single Variety

We are proud to offer you the exact date and location of both the harvest and pressing – Pylias, Greece! Emblazoned on the front of each bottle is our five hundred year old tree which is still harvested annually. Thank you for sharing our passion. ENJOY!
– Theodore Boundas, Proprietor

The Pylian “Pristine” Difference

Processed without heat or chemicals and unfiltered, our oil retains all of the natural polyphenols and anti-oxidants. The acidity is clearly stated. High quality oils should always be below .08 percent—we are .03%. We bottle in dark glass to protect the oil from direct light. We suggest you store it away from direct heat as well. Our bottles come with a re-sealable cork to keep air out in between uses. To prevent oxidization and rancidity. Flavor—Taste the Pristine Difference!!